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Dr Deb Bennet has been called a 'walking encyclopaedia" on the subject of horses. She is a prolific and wonderful writer. The following is a synopsis of her books, tapes and CD Rom's to help you find the information you're looking for.
NB: Postage is quoted for individual items. It is free anywhere within Australia or NZ if you purchase one of each.

Dr Deb Bennett, PhD. Books, Tapes, DVD's and CD Roms


1. "The Birdie Book"
Dr Deb speaks as a world-renowned authority on conformation, anatomy, gait, movement, and form to function. And the first thing that she will tell you is this: there is something a lot more important about a horse than his physical body. "The Birdie Book" is about what goes on inside your horse - what makes him 'tick'. It is an exposition of what that mysterious thing I that seems to live inside a horse that makes him think and act so differently than we do. If you've ever wondered why horses do the things they do - why they shy at harmless objects - why they buck, bolt or rear - why they dunk their hay in their water bucket - or stall weave - or jump out of the beautiful green pasture you've provided them - then this is the book you need to look into.
"The Birdie Book" contains about 230 pages of text and 500 photographs and drawings showing horses in every situation the rider is likely to encounter. The photos all carry Dr Deb's expert commentatory as to what's motivating the horse or causing him to respond or act in a certain way. Many of the photos show horses' facial and body expressions. One purpose of the book is thus to help beginners learn to 'read' their horses better.
This is not only the best basis for training, but fundamental to safety. Another purpose of "The Birdie Book" is to help owners learn to handle and ride their horses better. The central theme is that the horse's inner life - his mind, emotions and spirit - govern his outer or physical being. "The Birdie Book" clearly explains how to harness both parts of your horse so that you become able to work with the whole horse. Specific approaches for getting your horse to want to do what you want him to do, as well as clear explanations of the physical aids and cues, are given throughout. Dr Deb's approach to horsemanship is strictly classical yet has nothing to do with any form of competition. It's about joy and companionship, trust and motivation, sublety and courtesy. It's about achieving the High School with 100% commitment and zero strain.

New Zealand $65.00 including GST.
Australia $75.00 NZD no GST
Postage: please add $4.75 for NZ postage, or $7.50 for Australia

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2. "The Inner Horseman"
This is the official newsletter (on CD Rom) of the Equine Studies Institute, written and illustrated by Dr Deb Bennett. You automatically receive two copies per year when you join the Institute.
It costs $25USD per year to subscribe. You need to do this via Deb's website :

The Back Issues for 2001, 2002 & 2003 are all available on one CD Rom.
New Zealand $99 including GST
Postage: Please add $4.75 postage for NZ, or $7.50 for Australia.

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Alternatively they are available separately via Dr Deb's website for $25USD per year. These are all packed chokka with excellent information.

The following is an outline of the Back Issues CD Rom, an essential part of your reference library!!.......
Year 2001: Theme : - "Bit selection, function, and fitting".
Includes detailed studies of the anatomy of the upper neck and head, tongue, and throat.
Complete review of the 1803 Don Juan Segundo Treatis on Bitting.
Noseband design and function.
Also nervous system anatomy; gait study (canter and transitions); colic and migraine; contraction versus decontraction of the topline; horse-handler relations;
"Painty and the Trampoline" poem;
what is classical riding?
Teaching the Plie Bow
The main object in starting young horses
Historical review of Black Beauty
Difference between rough and firm
Tom Dorrance Benefit report
Year 2002: Theme : - "Saddle fit, design and function".
Includes detailed studies of the anatomy of the neck, back, loins, belly.
3-D virtual dissections.
Review of passive and active support systems of the horse's back.
Review of the movie "Spirit"
Free Lungeing by Stephen McKenzie
"Losing Less Money Raising Horses" by Margaret Gardiner
"The Horse Gods" by Millie Hunt Porter
Articles : Riding one step at a time or "training as Treatment"
"Straight from the Horse's Mouth" a primer on equine dentistry
Review/reprint of Gervaise Markham 1614 "Cheape and Good Husbandrie"
Addition to our Rarey collection from 1856
"Judging the Warmblood Horse", conformation study by Gustav Ra 1935, translated from the German
Short pieces : what is contact?, purpose of arena figures
Newcastle's conceit : Year of the Horse
Year 2003: Theme : - "Orthopedics in horseshoeing"
This is practically a book. Includes over 150 pages of anatomical information - virtually a book on the subject - including extensive 3-D dissections of the lower limb, historical plates, model studies, and literature review.
Also : Oliver Sacks, MD review, including "Awakenings", "A Leg to Stand On", "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat", and more
"Nothing is Impossible" by Christopher Reeve
"The Faraway Horses" by Buck Brannaman
Study of navicular disease in fossil horses, understanding shape changes in bone
"The Eye of the Anlage" using your "subtle" eye to better assess limb conformation
the Institiute horse coin and stamp collection


1. "Conquerors":
The Roots of New World Horsemanship" This marvelous 432-page volume tells the story of m,ounted horsemanship from its beginnings in prehistory to the days of the Spanish Conquest of the New World. An American Library Association "Best in Category" winner, this book offers the easy readability of a novel yet the technical depth of a college textbook. In this landmark work, Dr Deb tackles one of the grandest stories in the history of the world. Native warriors, desert nomads, Norman knights, Spanish conquistadors, Argentinian gauchos, Tejano colonists and Californian vaqueros all contribute to the birth of the unique and varied horse cultures of the New World. Provocative and fascinating, we guarantee that "Conquerors" is one book that you will not be able to put down.
With some 500 illustrations, maps, quotations from rare original sources and an extensive bibliography and index, "Conquerors" coversthe history of every country in the New World that has ever bred horses of Iberian background. This volume is an invaluable resource not only for owners, breeders and aficionados, but for teachers who need an authorative and well researched volume on the history of horsemanship.

New Zealand $95 including GST
Australia $85NZD no GST
Please add $7.50 postage for NZ, or $20.00 for Australia (Airmail
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2. "Principles of Conformation Analysis"
This set consists of three paperback volumes of about 100 pages eah. Packed with images that are easy to understand and use, each booklet contains more than 100 photos and drawings of all breeds and types of horses. First produced in 1988, the set has become an industry standard.
Topics covered include : Judging principles and priorities The anatomical nuts and bolts of the 'ring of muscles", including Dr Deb's original research into the subject of helping your horse to move 'round'. Information on pedigree and genetics.
Detailed coverage of every part of the horse's body - forequarter, hindquarter, back, neck, head and legs.

New Zealand $65 inc GST
Please add $5.00 postage for NZ, or $15.00 for Australia
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Disclaimer: The information contained within this website is soley the expressed views and opinions of the author, unless otherwise stated, and the author accepts no responsability for the way this information is used by viewers. The information is provided to help PREVENT problems, not to replace veterinary advice. There are many aspects to achieving a horse that is 100% OK, 100% of the time.......